Stephen Lee 
President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer 
Direct Line 409-221-6160 

Annette Bonnin 
Senior Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, Remote Deposit Capture Officer 
Direct Line 409-221-6122 

Curt Leger 
Vice President, Consumer/Commercial Lender 
Direct Line 409-221-6123 

Gracie Henry 
Vice President, Cashier, Chief Accounting Officer 
Direct Line 409-221-6107 

Natalie Hyde 
Vice President, Loan Collections Officer 
Direct Line - 409-745-3966 

Beverly Frederick 
Security Officer, Mortgage Servicing Officer 
Direct Line 409-221-6131 

Janice Gillet  
Assistant Cashier, Loan Administration 
NMLS# 402820 
Direct Line 409-221-6144 

Rebecca Cloud 
Assistant Cashier, Human Resource Officer 
Direct Line 409-221-6112 

Kathy Flanigan 
Assistant Cashier, Personal Banking Officer 
Direct Line 409-221-6102 

Brooke Barker 
Mortgage Loan Originator 
NMLS # 402812 
Direct Line  409-783-2412 

Dana Travis 
CRA Officer 
Direct Line 409-221-6116 

Heather Lopez 
Vidor Branch Manager 
Direct Line 409-783-2426 

Lisa Coffey 
Mortgage Loan Originator 
NMLS # 402815 
Direct Line  409-736-5954 

Ginny Davis 
Mortgage Loan Originator 
NMLS # 682403 
Direct Line 409-221-6106 

Terry Berry  
Accounting Manager/AVP 
Direct Line 409-221-6135 

Blaine Caillier 
Asst Vice President/Commercial Lender 
Direct Line 409-736-5955 

Shelton McClure 
Chief Marketing Officer, Senior Vice President and Mid-County Market Manager 
Direct Line 409-736-5952 

Conley Todd 
Senior Vice President, Commercial Lender 

Cindi LaChance 
Senior Vice President and Senior Mortgage Loan Officer   
NMLS# 402823 
Direct Line 409-221-6143 

Joan O'Burke 
Senior Vice President Credit Officer 
Direct Line 409-221-6127 
Cell phone 409-330-7586 

Joe Love 
Vice President, Commercial Lender 
Direct Line 409-221-6104 

Damon Vacek 
Vice President, Commercial Lender 
Direct Line 409-221-6181 

Robert Kocot 
Vice President, Commercial Lender 
Direct Line 409-783-2556 

Brenda Foreman  
Vice President, Risk Management Department 
Direct Line 409-221-6148 

Kim Dickerson  
Vice President, Retail Banking Manager 
Direct Line 409-221-6110 

Janet McCoy  
Administrative Officer, Assistant Secretary 
Direct Line 409-221-6128 

Pam Parker  
Assistant Cashier 
Direct Line 409-221-6171 

Stephanie Westlund 
Compliance Officer 
Direct Line 409-221-6166 

Jo Ann Gilbeaux 
Retail Training Coordinator 
Direct Line (409)-221-6113 

Carla Gipson 
Newton Branch Manager 

Jill Rhame 
Mauriceville Branch Manager 
Direct Line 409-745-3755 

Brandon Fisher 
Vice President/Commercial Lending 
Direct Line 409-221-4155 

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